Covid-19 update. Second Specs has the ability to duplicate an exisiting prescription in the event that your glasses are unusable. We will make our best effort to obtain your actual prescription, however many clincs have closed and this may not be possible. We are doing our best to help those who depend on glasses and have no other options. We will also help coordinate an eye exam with a local optometrist if your glasses are lost and you do not have access to your prescription

Having your eyes examined on a regular basis is a very important thing.  Many eye conditions such as glaucoma cause irreversible vision loss and have no signs until it is too late.

At Second Specs we don't feel that you should have to wear broken frames or scratched lenses while you are planning to get your eyes checked.  You might view our services similar to getting your existing glasses repaired. 

We are still going to encourage you to get your eyes examined but in the meantime, we can request your lastest prescription or in some cases take a very accurate measurement of your existing eyewear to determine what your last prescription was.  We then basically duplicate that prescription into the new glasses until you have the chance to get your eyes examination by an optometrist.  No one should have to wear scratched or broken glasses.